The first T-PAS release (T-PAS 1.0) contains 1000 Italian verbs with average polysemy, selected on the basis of a random extraction of 1000 verbs out of the set of fundamental lemmas of the Sabatini Coletti 2008 dictionary, according to the following proportions: 10% 2-sense verbs, 60% 3-5-sense verbs, 30% 6-11-sense verbs.

The resource consists of three components:

1) a repository of corpus-derived T-PAS linked to lexical units (verbs);

2) an inventory of about 230 corpus-derived semantic classes for nouns, relevant for disambiguation of the verb in context;

3) a corpus of sentences that instantiate T-PAS, tagged with lexical unit (verb) and pattern number.

For a complete description of the resource as well as of the acquisition procedure, please refer to the following paper:

Elisabetta Jezek, Bernardo Magnini, Anna Feltracco, Alessia Bianchini, Octavian Popescu: T-PAS: A resource of corpus-derived Typed Predicate Argument Structures for linguistic analysis and semantic processing, Proceedings of LREC 2014.